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Why partnership?

Partner up with us and start a journey that can benefit us both! It’s easy – you will experience all the best features that AI offers and we will further improve our technology by training AI.

How can we join forces?

It is a simple 3-step procedure

  • STEP 1.
  • Evaluation

We will perform AI due-diligence and inspect your readiness for this technology.

  • STEP 2.
  • Rapid prototyping

We will create a model from the existing framework, in order to measure the potential benefits.

  • STEP 3.
  • Implementation

We implement the AI solution and make sure it constantly improves.

Types of engagement

Working together

We engage in a joint venture with proprietary data sets based corporations that can co-develop new AI products with us.

Cooperative Research

Together, we can develop a shared intellectual property which will positively affect many markets.


We can help startups develop and increase their impact to the global level.

Tools and technologies

Some of the tools & technologies we use frequently.

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