You have got a
software development project

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Why work with NIRI?

NIRI is an agile, high-performing group of 30 software development professionals. We come with an accumulated experience of hundreds of Scrum sprints, with a high delivery success rate.

Types of engagement

Dedicated NIRI team

If your software development challenge is a big one (6+ months), then you will get the best results by engaging a dedicated end-to-end NIRI team.

Augmenting your teams with NIRI personnel

You are a few engineers short to meet your software development targets? We might be able to help.

Fixed price model

The agreement relies on a predetermined assessment of the necessary work. Prior to commencing the project, the committed business analyst and project manager will thoroughly deliberate on every facet of the project to gauge the needs and expenses.

Technology stack

With these tools we feel at home

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