Classifieds Guard™

Maximize the potential of your service and get an instant push forward!

AI solution exclusively made for AD Classifiers

Ad Classifier puts C2C ads into appropriate product categories
Increase Speed - 20x

Significantly improve UX and make ad posting 20x faster by letting AI suggest the right categories for the ads.


Reduce Cost by 50%

Cuts down moderators work by automatically processing >50% of the user reports.


Save Time

The buyers can reach the desired product faster in a well-structured, AI-organized data.



You are in full control of your success


Classifieds Guard™ Ad Classifier reaches an accuracy of up to 95% correct classifications. Through continuous monitoring, accuracy is always under control!


Using the feedback system, moderators add additional knowledge to the AI brain. This way, they keep the AI knowledge aligned with market trends, ensuring that the classification accuracy stays at its highest.  


Ad Classifier has a built-in capability to point out the phrases in the ad text that triggered the suggested classifications. This way, moderators get to see exactly how AI thinks.  

AI explains classification decisions for any ad and category. Check out our demo.


AI Smart Search Solution

Smart Search understands what the user is typing and generates relevant results by analyzing the search queries

Find what you are looking for, without worrying about:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Singular/plural form
  • Using slang

The buyers can reach the desired product faster:

  • Input completion
  • Semantic search

Use Cases


Problem: Users make various typos and logical mistakes while searching for products. This results in not finding the desired product.

Solution: AI uses Machine Learning to suggest the appropriate product/service and review users’ choices – this notably improves the UX.


Problem: Not being able to find what they need, users often leave the website with frustration.

Solution: Better UX makes your company more attractive and customer-oriented. This guarantees loyal customers and constant profit.


It is predicted that user experience (UX) will overtake price as the key brand differentiator. To achieve a great user experience, online marketplaces need to ensure that buyers and sellers alike can easily achieve their objective when using the site.

For sellers, that means being able to post their items with ease and speed. For buyers, it means being able to find what they are looking for quickly.


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    1. How long can I use the free plan?

    7 days – 1000 hits.

    2. Can we integrate the classifier into our system?

    Yes, if you are using REST services.

    3. How do I get started using CG?

    It’s easy!

    a) You give us data,
    b) We train AI models,
    c) We make a public rest API,
    d) You are good to go!

    4. Why should I use CG?

    a) Increase speed
    b) Reduce costs
    c) Improve UX
    d) Improve accuracy for ads

    5. In what sectors can CG be used?

    It’s made for Classifieds businesses, but it has a wide range of usage. It’s applicable everywhere where you need to classify data.

    8. What do you mean by a Hit?

    Every call/request.

    9. What will happen, if I make more Hits than allowed in the plan?

    You will receive a notification when you reach 90% of max hits.

    11. Do you offer discounted packages?

    Please contact us for further information.

    12. When will CG API support language XZY?

    At this moment we can process text in English, Arabic, Dutch, Serbian and German. Please contact us for other languages.