On 28th of March, NIRI took part in a manifestation called IT days Bora, which was held in Bora Stanković High School in Niš. The event was a unique chance for the IT companies from Niš to present their businesses to the students from elementary schools, high schools, and, of course, to all people who were interested in the news about the IT industry.


Marko Smiljanić, the CEO of NIRI, gave the introductory speech, and briefly explained the history of the company and some of its achievements. Jelena Milovanović, a Data Scientist/Software Engineer, had the honor of presenting NIRI in a very spontaneous and accessible way for the audience because artificial intelligence and machine learning are very complex areas.

‘Humans read, hear, and memorize many pieces of information, but they also forget a lot of them. Machines don’t. Machines remember everything. Not only do they remember, but they also never forget. With an implementation of artificial intelligence, machines are able to know a lot, and that makes them really powerful not just in their own world, but in our world – the world of humans too,’ said Jelena.

Jelena explained the importance of machine learning, and its usage in everyday life, so the audience could understand better how artificial intelligence products make our lives much easier. With the examples and the demonstration of NIRI’s Ad Classifier Demo and Image Classifier Demo, everything was easy to understand.


Let’s hear some of the impressions:

Ljiljana Zlatanović (Principal of High School Bora Stankovic): ‘Before I became a principal, I had been teaching Informatics, so I know a lot about this industry. I was really pleased to hear the presentations of all of the companies involved in this event today. NIRI really grabbed my attention, due to its attitude and good energy. Your team of experts looks very dedicated and really satisfied with their work and that makes NIRI a good place for all interested informaticians. If I had not become a professor in the high school, artificial intelligence would definitely have been my specialty.’

Bogdan (Student of Bora Stanković High School): ‘I have read some interesting articles about artificial intelligence, and it is a very interesting field. I am planning to continue my studies at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Niš, just like Jelena Milovanović. I definitely see myself as an informatician, and when I finish my undergraduate studies, I would like to be a part of the NIRI team.’

Mihajlo (Student at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš): ‘I really enjoyed the presentation, and I am very familiar with it, because of my studies at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš. Since I am a 4th year student, now I can say that the fields that I am interested in are Embedded Systems and Signal Processing and I hope that I will become your colleague someday soon.’