Welcome to NIRI – a company with a family-like atmosphere. NIRI does its best to make sure all of the family members are joyful, content, and healthy, so as they can realize their full potential and contribute to changing humanity for the better.

Let’s meet the teams which constitute the company

These four are the primary teams which make sure that NIRI gives its best to the world.

  • Executive Team
  • Software Development
  • Data Science
  • HR, Finance & Office Management


It’s not all about work!

Jobs at IT can be challenging and stressful, making relaxation inevitable. Therefore, NIRI provided various leisure time activities for employees which they can enjoy during breaks. For example, they can play darts, or even spend time in the recreation room where they can play ping-pong, table football, or use gym equipment to exercise.

Speaking of exercise, the wellbeing of the employees is very important at NIRI, which is nourished through regular physical activity and healthy food. Therefore, NIRI supplies a daily serving of fresh fruits, juice, dark chocolate, and more.


It’s also about people…

NIRI family members also have an opportunity to enjoy Happy Friday, which is an event that takes place at the end of every workweek and includes snacks or barbeque, drinks, darts, and hanging out. That way, everyone can relax, bond, and celebrate a successful week behind them.

However, that is not the only time NIRI members get together. They also enjoy various Team Building excursions and activities in and out of the country. All our members need is a bit of good weather to go out and partake in exciting sports activities together.

Finally, there’s always room for parties as NIRI pays particular attention to anniversaries, New Year celebrations, birthday parties, and much more.


…and about personal development!

Students who want to use their knowledge on real-life projects can apply for an internship at NIRI which is always welcoming young people who strive towards improving themselves. In fact, NIRI deems personal development important and helps its members in their efforts by allocating funds and providing days off. All members agree that flexible working hours and the possibility for work-hours distribution is one of the main advantages of working at NIRI.


NIRI likes to make things straightforward and functional

Everything is smooth with the right people, but the right technology plays its part as well. When the two are combined, miracles can happen. NIRI is one of the companies that figured that out, so let’s take a look at how one ordinary day looks at NIRI. For the sake of practicality, let’s put ourselves in Sonja’s shoes. Sonja is a Java developer here at NIRI.

07:30 – 09:00

Due to flexible working hours, Sonja can arrive at the office any time between 07:30 – 09:00. She usually stops by the coffee machine and makes a double espresso – her primary fuel source. After checking on her emails and Sonar, she gets ready for the SCRUM meeting.


Sonja and her colleagues gather round for a daily SCRUM standup meeting. Just like every gathering of this kind, they discuss three crucial questions:

  • What have you completed since the last SCRUM standup meeting?
  • What do you plan to do until the next standup meeting?
  • Do you have any trouble with the project?

All their tasks and progress is tracked using JIRA and Scrum Board. After the meeting, Sonja returns to her work and continues working with tools such as Jenkins, Git, Maven, Docker, and others until the daily break.

12:15 – the daily break

As previously stated, NIRI members can use their free time to have lunch, play games, exercise, go for a walk, or just chill out. Once the break is over, Sonja continues with her work until the end of her working hours.



As you can see NIRI creates a perfect balance between work and enjoyment. It is an ever-growing family that is always ready to receive new members who want to upgrade their skills, explore their potential, and create memories with other members. If NIRI seems like a place where you see yourself in the future, feel free to contact us!